Family nights

The 3 O’clock Spot is proud to offer a special focused on families with children. In addition to have a great time, join us for these amazing activities, fun snacks, youth-oriented tours, and more family-friendly surprises. These family nights will be an opportunity for guests of all ages to come together to enjoy an experience that fosters creativity, joy, awe, and curiosity.

Looking for fun things to do with kids near you? Looking for party room rentals?

Enjoy a bar and get a hot dinner while the kids try out our Virtual Reality. The 3 O’ Clock Spot has Virtual Reality stations, Virtual Reality Pods, PlayStation systems, Xbox systems, 9 TV’s, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Sound System, Stage, Neon Lighting, Board Games, Lounge Areas, etc. Let us elevate your next family night with our VR stations and tailored content.

Need to find place for family night near you with exciting content? We have a solution: Nerf war. A Nerf war is the term for a battle between two or more players, individually or in teams. Teams usually have the same number of players, but may sometimes be unequal to balance skill levels. Try it with your kids and you’ll have the best family night in Duluth.

If you like music, some and sing all the karaoke songs you want, with your family.

If you’re looking to get out and have fun together, try a family night in Georgia that’s unexpected and uncommon. Plan your family fun night at a time that works well for everyone so you can all have a good time.

Book your space now to have a great family night in Atlanta and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information required!