Event and Entertainment Lounge

If you need a unique high-tech funny place for your private
and corporate events, at 3 O' Clock Spot you'll get more than
just a space with 4 walls and tables, with built-in entertainment.


Bright and open place for any event

The 3 O' Clock Spot is a space designed specifically to make it possible to have a unique experience that's perfect for any event. We also have exercise and sports game, not to include our virtual reality Pod.


Our space is bright, open and ideal for birthday parties.The 3 O’ clock spot offers a unique atmosphere with various features for your friends. If you are an adventurous person, we have Virtual Reality stations and a lot more. But if you prefer quite night with friends, we offer you lounge areas throughout the building. View Details

Single shot blasters are required. Both teams face each other in straight lines a good distance apart. Starting with one team, going down the line, each player takes one shot at the other team. View Details